Rental Property Move Out Instructions

Cartoon of people moving boxes

Congratulations on your next steps! Of course, we are sad to see you go. We want to reach out to make this transition as smooth as possible. Let’s discuss some steps you can take to be sure your life isn’t disrupted too much! Mail: Change your address!  Online Subscriptions ( Change your shipping address! Tell…

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Avoiding The Eviction Process

3 houses dangling from a clothes line, on falling off with "eviction" written on it

The best-case scenario for evictions is to avoid them! That being said, evictions are a part of the rental investment process and are one of the legal enforcement options landlords have to enforce their lease documents. Having a secure lease in place with the tenants upfront is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, this process is…

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Snow Removal Requirements

Snow day in Denver

Most municipalities in the Denver area require you to have sidewalks free and clear of ice within 24 hours of the completion of a snowstorm. Below are some quick links to city and county ordinances for property owners and tenants. These rules also apply to vacant properties. The links below direct you to the ordinances…

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How to Calculate Your Return on Investment in Real Estate

Return on Investment Graph Image

Before you begin your investment in any arena, it is prudent to lay out a business plan.  Owning even one investment property should be looked at as a business. Using a real estate investment calculator is your first step towards a business plan.  Estimating income, expenses, and potential gains can help you understand your investment…

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What Type of Investment Property to Buy in Denver in 2019

Where to invest in Denver Real Estate

Denver has grown in many ways over the last 10 years.  It has grown in popularity and population, and as a consequence, price.  Looking back at the last decade, having a time machine would be great to go back and buy everything possible. All areas of real estate have appreciated in value over this timeframe. …

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Rental Application Approval Conditions

Application Approval Conditions

Application Criteria Top Properties is an equal opportunity provider. We abide by all Federal, State, and Local Fair Housing Laws. *All occupants 18 years or older must apply. All applicants must sign, pay, and be willing to be named on the lease to be considered a “complete” application. Complete Applications will be processed in the…

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Landlord Rental Application Approval Process

Rental Application Approved

Rules and regulations to follow during the application process At Top Properties, we have a rigorous background check for all of our applicants. We have streamlined and perfected this process to make sure our property owners are compliant with all fair housing practices. As a landlord, you have to play by the rules the government…

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Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner

Rental Property Air Conditioning Trouble shooting

Summer comes quickly in Denver.  Days go from needing heat to needing A/C very quickly.  Those first 80 – 90-degree days sneak up, and everyone has the same issues with their air conditioner. Let’s review some common problems that come up.  ***Disclaimer:  Please do not turn your air conditioner below 70 degrees.  Creating new cold…

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How to Properly Price Your Rental Property

Scales balancing rental mangement pricing

It may sound like common sense, but pricing your home appropriately is one of the most critical factors in a thriving rental investment.  What we describe as the appropriate price is the price your property will rent for in 30 days to a well-qualified renter. There are other ways to describe this price, but to…

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