Will I receive rent next month?

two hands streatching towards each other, one with money and one with a house and keys in palm

The good news is the majority of our tenants will be able to pay their rents in full. However, during this difficult economic time, some of our tenants may lose their jobs and be unable to pay rent. Please be prepared to cover some or all of your mortgage, if possible.  What happens if my…

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Mortgage Forbearance – How to postpone mortgage payments

man jumping from one cliff to another to find safety on the side with money

Getting through this tough time is possible, there are programs in place for just such an occasion. If for any reason, your renters cannot pay during this time, the government is taking steps to help. You may have options you have not yet considered! Below is an excellent tool to help landlords who cannot pay their mortgage payments in full for the coming…

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How to Calculate Your Return on Investment in Real Estate

Return on Investment Graph Image

Before you begin your investment in any arena, it is prudent to lay out a business plan.  Owning even one investment property should be looked at as a business. Using a real estate investment calculator is your first step towards a business plan.  Estimating income, expenses, and potential gains can help you understand your investment…

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What Type of Investment Property to Buy in Denver in 2019

Where to invest in Denver Real Estate

Denver has grown in many ways over the last 10 years.  It has grown in popularity and population, and as a consequence, price.  Looking back at the last decade, having a time machine would be great to go back and buy everything possible. All areas of real estate have appreciated in value over this timeframe. …

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