How Do I Change My Tax Address?

Copy of Tax Documents for Rental Property

Changing your tax address is an important part of the rental process.  This alerts the county and city that the property is no longer owner-occupied.  This is important when tax information is sent out, or when they need to get a hold of you.  The links below will get you to the right site to start the change process.


Jefferson County:

Arapahoe County:

Adams County:

Broomfield County:

Douglas County:

The links to the sites will be your best reference, but if you have any questions, always feel free to contact your property manager.

If your property is paid off or does not carry a mortgage on it, changing your tax address can have an additional benefit. When you have a mortgage on your home, your property tax payment is often covered by your mortgage company via your escrow account. When there is no mortgage on the property, the tax payment becomes the property owner’s sole responsibility. If you do not change your tax address with the state, you may not be receiving your tax bills. If these tax bills go unpaid, the city may come for tax seizure of the home.