How To Patch Your Lawn

Reseeding lawn patch

There are many solutions out there for patching dead spots in your lawn with grass seed.  You may be starting from scratch, patching some small grass areas, or replanting over pet stains, but here are some recommendations from Top Properties:

  • If the dead spot was caused by a pet, the area will need to be flushed with water to remove the buildups from the urine. Flush water over the area for one minute for small spots, for 2-3 days for best results.
  • Lawn patches require seed and some medium to hold onto water to keep the seed moist to allow it to sprout.  Many products come with both included, but are expensive and very likely contain the wrong type of seed for your lawn.

Cost Effective Patching Option

A more cost effective option can include a combination of two products, one 100% grass seed, and one material to keep the seed moist.

  • Follow the seed instructions regarding distribution.  Going a little heavy can be better than not laying enough seed.
  • Cover seed with approximately ½ – ¾  inch of medium (some will blow away) on top.  Keep damp—but not drenched—for two to three weeks and you should have grass! Lightly watering the area 3-4 times a day should accomplish this, with more on hot days.   
  • This process is best performed in the spring or the fall.  Denver’s hot summer can actually cook the seed and not let it germinate properly. Mid May through early June is typically the best time for laying seed in Denver.
  • Professional advice may be required to identify the type of grass you have in your yard, but the most common type of grass used is Kentucky Bluegrass, or if the blades are thinner, it could be a contractor fescue mix.  When choosing a seed, knowing the species of grass you are trying to match is important. To help you figure out which grass you have, check out Scotts website.

Remember, returning your lawn in the same condition you received it in is part of your rental property contract.  Grass can take six to eight weeks to establish itself. Let your property manager know if you have any questions.

Thank you for caring for your lawn!

Top Properties Property Management Denver