How To Set Up Your Tenant Portal and Pay Your Security Deposit

Rental portal setup page

Welcome to your portal training instructions, we will keep this quick and only take a few minutes of your time to get set up.

Step 1

The first step to setting up your portal is receiving access from your property manager. Your property manager will send each leaseholder an email to set up your portal. The link looks like this:

Tenant Portal Welcome Screen

This email may go to your spam or junk folders, so please make sure the to check them just in case. For security purposes, please make sure you verify the email comes from [email protected] Go ahead and click on the link contained in the email to start setting up your portal.

Step 2

Now go ahead and set up your password. Enter your password and confirm by typing a second time.

Password reset screen

Step 3

You will be taken back to the login screen, you can now use your email address and password to log in.

Rental Portal Login Screen

Step 4

Please take a quick look through our terms and conditions and click the box to acknowledge agreement to them.

Terms and conditions

Step 5 – Log in and set up your bank account

Ok, now we are into the portal itself.

This is the main dashboard screen.

Main rental portal dashboard

First thing you want to do is to add your payment account. This process is easy. Please click the “My Payments” tab.

Now let’s add your bank account info here. We do offer credit card payments as you can see here. There is a $59 charge to do so, some tenants have used credit cards to get points on their credit card, but we do not recommend this as the cost tends to exceed the benefit. Set up your bank account here by checking e-check and entering your bank info.

Enter Bank Info

Ok, your bank account is all set up. Now go back to the account tab (or dashboard).

Step 6 – Make your payment

Here we can see we have an amount due.  screenshot 7

Main Account Dashboard

By clicking on the dropdown, we can view the details of the payment. Click on View Detail

View Payment Detail Screen

Here we can see the breakdown of the charges. It looks like there is a security deposit due, pet deposit and rent charge. Depending on your move-in date you may owe for rent right away or not, you can confirm with your property manager. Now we can make the first payment by clicking make a one-time payment.

One time payment link

You will be prompted to choose your payment type again. We entered our checking account info before so we will select check. Once again, there are additional charges for using credit cards and the rent money cash advance program listed below. The cost for e-check deposit is only $2 per transaction and is our preferred method of payment.

One time payment option

To make a payment, we want to make sure that the account is correct here and the amount is right here. Let us say the rent payment is not yet due for me, and I only need to pay my security deposit and pet deposit at this time. I know my security deposit, and pet deposit totals $2,350.00 from the previous account screen. That total is all you are required to pay at this time and the pro-rated or first-month rent payment may be paid before my move-in remember, using e-pay you have to pay at least 3 business days in advance for the funds to clear )

payment screen for one time rental payment

You will receive an approved message when your payment goes through, remember to click the link only once. You are all set. We can now set up recurring payments

Step 7 – Set up a recurring payment

To set up recurring payments go back to the payments tab and down to schedule recurring payments.

Recurring Rental payment setup

Once you are in this should look very familiar to the one-time payment screen.

Recurring payment approval screen

You can set up your payment starting for your first full month of the property and through your lease end date

Ok now we have all the money out of the way, there are a few other items for you in the portal as well. First maintenance, you can request maintenance through the portal. We much prefer if you send a notification through the app or email maintenance requests for record-keeping.

How to schedule Maintenance through portal

You will also be able to find important document downloads like your lease through the documents tab.

Documents section of Top Properties rental portal