Rental Property Move Out Instructions

Congratulations on your next steps!

Of course, we are sad to see you go. We want to reach out to make this transition as smooth as possible. Let’s discuss some steps you can take to be sure your life isn’t disrupted too much!

  • Online Subscriptions ( Change your shipping address!
  • Tell us where to send your money!!! The primary tenant will receive a link via text to specify where to send the security deposit once it is processed (within 60 days).
  • Clean up, but not too much! We will have the property (including carpets) professionally cleaned to be sure it is in the same shape it was when you moved in. Please leave the property “broom-clean” when you move out. 
  • Your final goodbye: Please leave all keys, fobs, fan/light remotes, mailbox or pool keys, and garage door openers on the kitchen counter and lock the door on the way out.
  • Be sure to leave all utilities on until the official end of your lease, even if you move out early! You ARE responsible for power and water to the property until the lease termination date.
  • Care for your lawn! You are also responsible for the condition of the lawn until the last day of your lease, even if you move out early!

Before you move out, please change your mailing address with the United States Postal Service. This can be done online ( or in person at the post office. 

Additional Details

Mail and Delivery Services

Please check any online service you use that delivers packages to your home. Be sure the default mailing address is changed TODAY to ensure no packages are delivered to your old address after your move!

Security Deposit Processing

Security Deposits are processed within 60 days. The Security Deposit will be returned to the person designated in Section 2 of your Lease Agreement. If you wish to have the deposit returned to another individual, we will need that in writing, signed by all parties named on the lease. We will mail your check to the last known address we have on file, which is typically your current rental home! PLEASE help us help you get this check to the right address the first time! Fill out the Security Deposit Return Form here ( ). 

Post Lease Cleaning

We will have your home professionally cleaned (including carpets) at move-out, as outlined in your Lease Agreement. Please clean lightly, but do not hire your owner cleaners. On the flip side, leave the property reasonably tidy: above-average cleaning time from the cleaners will likely incur additional charges that will be taken out of your security deposit!

Last Minute Details

When you leave the property for the last time, be sure you’ve accounted for all keys, fobs, remotes and garage door openers. Consider mailbox keys, pool keys, keys to interior doors or storage areas, back door keys, etc. Please arrange all keys, fobs, and remotes on the counter in the kitchen on your way out the door. PLEASE double-check your visor in your car for the garage door opener! This is commonly forgotten and the replacement cost will be deducted from your Security Deposit if not returned! This is true for all keys delivered at move-in or during the term of your lease. Lock the doors on your way out!


Utilities should be in your name until the last day of the term of your Lease Agreement, no matter when you move out! If you move out early, you are still responsible for the empty property until the last day of your term!

Lawn Care

Your lawn is your responsibility! Please be sure to return the lawn in the same shape it was given to you. Be sure the grass is mowed, weeds are pulled, and bushes are trimmed throughout the term of the lease, even if you move out early!

Thank you again for your time with Top Properties!

If you have any additional questions contact us!