Selling Your Home In The New Corona Digital Age

How Does Top Properties Make Your Home Stand Out?

Buyers expect a robust digital experience, and that is exactly what we give them! Top Properties ensures your property is fully exposed to the market, and buyers have everything they need at their fingertips to encourage them to make an offer.

What Do Todays Buyers Want?

Virtual Everything – They want to feel like they are at the home from their computer or even mobile device.

Clean, Clear, Beautiful Photography. Buyers get emotionally attached to homes even before they get there. The first impression is very important.

A story. Everyone likes a good story. Todays marketing should tell the story of your home and reach a deeper connection with buyers.

How Does Top Properties Tell Your Homes Story?

Virtual Tours

Buyers in all price ranges are still captivated by our virtual tours. The experience is exciting (especially if they have never seen one before).

Premium Photography

Grab buyers attention right away. Make them want your house over all others.

Arial Video Footage

Don’t just wow your potential buyers, stun them! This is part of the story we are telling, show them parts of the home they will never get to see without this footage. Make their investment they are going to make an exciting one.

Home Staging

This is what makes a house feel like a home. Make potential buyers fall head over heals in love with your property. Staging lets them picture their home and furniture looking this nice and gives them peace of mind. Knock them off their feet and blow them away. Watch the offers come in!

Make home buyers fall in love and home buying changes from a financial decision to an emotional one. If buyers LOVE your home, they will pay the most for it as well.

Top Properties – Your Partner In Real Estate