Tenant Occupied Showing Instructions

Showing of your rental home

Information for you:

This is an exciting time as you prepare for your next phase of life, and we prepare to find another Tenant like you! We will try to make the process as painless as possible, and we vow to find a Tenant as quickly as possible.

Let’s Talk Safety

We will place a lockbox on your door a few days before any showings begin. We will never let anyone in your home without an Agent to walk them through. We will not give the lockbox code to anyone besides our Showing Agents or licensed contractors with pre-approval of the owner and tenant for any entrance to the property.

We will make every attempt to make this most convenient for you!

Please let us know if you work nights or have any day of the week that is absolutely off-limits. We will consider this information when arranging showings.

Please understand the more restrictions you place on showing dates and times, the longer it will take to successfully rent out your home!

With that in mind, we will consider your requests and will let you know if we can accommodate them. We appreciate your cooperation through the process!

Showing Notifications:

You will receive notification 24 hours to 72 hours in advance for ALL showings!

We will group showings each day, so you will not have multiple showings throughout the day. Instead, prospective tenants will have the ability to see a property immediately before or after another showing scheduled, OR make an appointment the following day.

We know that you do not want to pack up and leave your home multiple times per day, so we won’t let that happen. That said, try to exit the property during showings.

Showings are only about 15 minutes each, and prospective tenants should be able to view the property when they don’t feel they are inconveniencing you. Many tenants choose to take their pet for a walk or go run an errand during this short window.

Now, here is what we need from you!

  • Please be sure any pets are contained for showings – a daycare service or kennel work great. If your pet must be contained in a room, please be sure it is a small closet or 1/2 bathroom. Please call the office and let our office manager know if a pet is behind a specific door and we won’t have access to that area. Please also post a note on the particular door so there is no misunderstanding by our Showing Agents!
  • Finally, please make sure you don’t lock off any essential rooms. In other words, don’t lock your pet in the master bedroom, master bathroom, or an entire basement! Prospective tenants would expect to see all important areas of the property. Use a smaller laundry room or 1/2 bath instead.

Cleaning is not necessary, but appreciated 🙂

A clean, welcoming home will help tenants feel more comfortable and increase the likelihood they will apply for the property. The more applications we receive, the more likely we will have a qualified applicant and be able to be out of your hair and let you get on with your move with no more interruptions!

We understand this is an inconvenience and appreciate all you are doing to help the process run smoothly and move quickly.

We will do everything in our power to find qualified applicants quickly!

Thank you so much!