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Landlord Rental Application Approval Process

Rental Application Approved

Rules and regulations to follow during the application process At Top Properties, we have a rigorous background check for all of our applicants. We have streamlined and perfected this process to make sure our property owners are compliant with all fair housing practices. As a landlord, you have to play by the rules the government…

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When Will My Property Manager Contact Me?

Property Manager Contacting Client

If you have not talked to your property manager prior to this email they will contact you shortly. They may have not contacted you yet due to the timing of the rental posting. We what to have your property listed as soon as possible to best serve you.  Feel free to reach out to them…

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How Do I Change My Tax Address?

Copy of Tax Documents for Rental Property

Changing your tax address is an important part of the rental process.  This alerts the county and city that the property is no longer owner-occupied.  This is important when tax information is sent out, or when they need to get a hold of you.  The links below will get you to the right site to…

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How To Tell If Your Rental Home Is Priced Correctly

Rental Property Price Balancing

This is a simplified way to go over our rental process, and the metrics we use to determine if the price of a home is generating the right amount of activity.  If your property rents for $2,700 per month or more, these metrics may be a little high based on activity levels, but is a…

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Should I Buy, Sell, or Hold a Condo in Denver in 2019?

Condo in Dener

Our current thoughts Predicting the future is obviously an inexact science, but currently this our take on it: get out!  That may be a bit strong of a statement, and there can be many reasons a condo in the right area of Denver may make sense for you and may have future appreciation potential, but…

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