Top Properties Pre-Lease Cleaning Process

Getting your rental property cleaned

Starting your property off on the right foot as a rental makes all the difference in the world.  The first impression your new tenants have of the property sets the stage for a successful relationship in the future.  Everyone is on edge around moving time and making sure their move goes well is important. Frequently tenants see the property furnished during showings. Move-in day is kind of like seeing the home for the first time. The home is void of possessions and ready to make their own, but also much different than their last visit.  

Top Properties requires that all new rental properties are professionally cleaned and carpet cleaned to make sure the process starts off right.  We have great vendors that we are happy to schedule to make this process as easy as possible. Our lease agreement with our tenants, we stipulate that the tenants of the property are required to return the property in the original condition received.  Because the home was professionally cleaned and carpet cleaned prior to move in, Top Properties automatically schedules the same vendors to clean the property after the tenants vacate. This is an expense that is charged back to the tenants.

If the tenants push back on the cleaning charge (as they often do), we are required to have a receipt on file to show that the service was completed professionally prior to move-in.  By paying for a cleaning once, you get the benefit of the cleaning occurring after each tenant moves out. This makes sure your property is properly cared for and keeps the next tenants happy as well.

Our Cleaning Process

We require that our trusted vendors are used to perform the original cleanings.  Our company has experience with a lot of different vendors out there, and they all have varying levels of work quality.  We know the quality of our vendor’s work. They charge a fair price for their work, which helps us eliminate variables for you.  There is nothing worse in this leasing process than paying for cleaning twice. If unknown vendor to us cleans and does not do a good job we may have to have it re-cleaned. Having to pay to send another cleaner out does not make anyone happy.  We have your back here at Top Properties, we will point you in the right direction.

If you have any additional questions, your property manager is a great resource.