When Will My Property Manager Contact Me?

Property Manager Contacting Client

If you have not talked to your property manager prior to this email they will contact you shortly. They may have not contacted you yet due to the timing of the rental posting. We what to have your property listed as soon as possible to best serve you.  Feel free to reach out to them as well, or they will be calling you shortly to say “hi” and discuss your property with you.

Your property managers office hours are 9 am – 5 pm,  Monday – Friday. But you have a whole team working for you.  Our showing department works seven days a week to bring in qualified applicants for your property, and we have other 7 days a week services such as our 24/7 emergency line and phone service.

What to expect after your initial call

After your initial conversations with your property manager, they will be reaching out to you every week during the showing process.  Your showing report will go out on Monday morning via email for your review, and typically your property manager will reach out on Tuesday to go over it with you.  As applications come in, we begin the screening process right away.

Once an application is received, we typically have no longer than a three-day turnaround on the application (approval or denial).  The rental market moves quickly, and providing an applicant with a decision in a timely fashion is part of the process. Your property manager is here to guide you through the process. They will make sure you have the information you need, allowing you to be fully informed. Doing this makes the process feel much less rushed.   

We are excited to help you reach your goals in real estate!  Remember, when you have questions, your property manager has done this many times before. They are an excellent resource for making your experience a successful one.